1. Why the name "le pips?"
It's my nickname for my cat. :P

2. Where is the image in your header from?
Boku no Suki na Niichan by Nakamura Asumiko.

3. Can I share your scanlations on photo sharing sites/coms/etc?
You may share wherever you would like, but not at places like mangafox. This brings unwanted legal attention upon us! Please help keep us safe.

4. Will you translate a manga for me?
Possibly. We have to like it or it has to be of interest to us. We're especially picky about good artwork. ;) But sure, give it a try! We especially love works by Nakamura Asumiko so anything by her is a YES. Just make sure the raws are in Japanese.

5. Can I re-translate your scanlations featured here?
Certainly! It would be nice if you would tell us about it though. We'd love to see these manga in other languages.

6. Do you have a private email I can contact you with?
At the moment, no. We like to stay pretty anonymous right now and private emails allow for flamming emails. If you have something to say that you'd rather not have other people read, please mention it in your comment and we will not publish it.


  1. So I already love you guys! Your scans are great, keep up the great work ^.^ I was wondering if you ever thought of scanlating Asterisk or Jinjuu Houretsuden by Morimoto Shuu? I unfortunately don't have any of the scans myself.

  2. Hm, we usually are not interested in supernatural manga but the art is very pretty. We'll keep it in mind. ^^

    Thank you!

  3. Hello :)
    Do you have an email address? I would like to contact you in private.

  4. Actually, the correct name of the manga on header is Boku no Suki na Niichan (ぼくのすきなにいちゃん) which means "My Dear Brother"
    You can see here: http://www.chil-chil.net/goodsDetail/goods_id/35820/

  5. Oh, that's right! Thank you about that. ^^

  6. Hi there, I'm Nami from Nsasani Fansub. I ask you for permission to re-translate Reply and Koitomo into spanish.

    Thanks in advance ^^.

    1. Thanks so much m(_ _)m We've already finished the 1st chapter of Koitomo? :D

      And now I ask you for Iya Yo Yamete Yo ;D
      Thanks in advance :D

    2. Congratulations on your release! And yes, again. :)

  7. It seems that your work 'Koitomo!?' was uploaded on Mangafox, as well as other too. Should I ask them to take them down ? Cause it's illegal to do so without your permission. Some people are really dense >:( I hope that you will answer quite fast.

    1. We would appreciate that as we do not have access to MangaFox or other sites. If anyone gives you trouble, please do not fall into a tiff with them, simply direct them here.

      But thank you for letting us know. :) Although we do not own this manga, we want to stay away from legal attention due to our scanlating.

  8. Hi, Guys! I´m Kay from the spanish scanlation Clockwise (www.clockwise.forumfree.it) I would ask you for permission to retranslate the Nakamura Asumiko-sensei Oneshots. I love her! And...no, really that´s it I just love her and i want to share her work in the spanish community and also i love translating her work.
    Anyways, please say yes! Obviously we will credit you and link back to your lovely site.
    By the way Keep doing the great job! And never stop loving her work!! (Nakamura Sensei´s) °>w<°

    1. :) Of course. Enjoy! She is absolutely wonderful and I can understand why you'd want to share her work with others as well.

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  10. Hellooo! I'm Harukichi from the Italian blog Yami no Hikari --> http://yaminohikari.forumfree.it/.
    I'd really like to re-translate "Koitomo!?" *^* I just love the art and I'm looking forward to reading the next releases *****

    Thanks a million in advance :)

    - Haru~春吉 - 

  11. Hey there ~

    I'm Angelka from the French Scanlation group : Sumire no team. I saw that you are working on Kagakushitsu no Ouji and since we would like to work on it too, I wanted to ask you if you could let us use your translation and your scans for making a french version of it.
    Thank you in advance for considering my request

  12. Hello, I'm Harukichi, again :P.
    Though this time it's not for a permission, but it's because I've read that you don't want your works to be uploaded elsewhere.
    I've seen "Iya yo yamete yo" uploaded on Mangafox - this is the link --> http://mangafox.me/manga/iya_yo_yamete_yo/.

    If you gave your permission to do so then sorry for bothering you, though I thought that was fair to let you know ^_^

    Cheers! x

    - Haru~春吉 - 

  13. Ah, thank you for letting me know. I'm not sure what I can do about it, to make them take it down, but thank you for making me aware. :/

    1. No worries ^^ I actually have no clue as well :(

      I'll let you know if I come up with something :D

  14. Hello ! I'm Sorginia from the French team yaoi x yuri http://www.yaoi-x-yuri.fr/
    We'd like to translate in French your projects " A senpai" and "Kagakushitsu no ouji" . We'd like to know if you'd agree to let us use your scans too. Of course,we'll let your credits page and you'd be credited on ours on "scans". Thank you very much. Here is my mail : yaoixyuri5@gmail.com

  15. Hello :)

    I would love to translate Reply by Yoneda Kou into Czech if it's possible.

    I'm really grateful for this translation, I love Yoneda-sensei's work!

  16. You certainly may. :) That is awesome to see it translated in Czech so others may read it.

  17. Hello ~

    Aww ~ nickname for your cat ^~^ Love cats too
    My little daughter has 12 years old. Well, she's not "litte" anymore lol

    First, thanks for all your hard work!

    2nd: I'm from a scanlation site called Sukinime, I'd like to ask your permission to translate Kagakushitsu no Ouji to portuguese [Brazil]. Of course, we'll let your credits page.

    My website: www.sukinime.org
    My e-mail: sukinime@hotmail.com

    Thanks ^~^


    1. Hi, Kagura!

      Thank you for your kind words. I hope you have enjoyed. ^^ And you certainly may translate our work! Sakuraga Mei is always fun to work on.

      And 12 years old - that's so sweet that you've had her for so long. ^^