Monday, December 17, 2012

Le Pips Scanlations needs your help!!!! Unfortunately, real life is making it difficult for Ada and I to deliver the amount of chapters we want to on a weekly basis. We are in dire need of Japanese to English translators.

Can you fill these requirements?
  • Fluent in Japanese (must know kanji!)
  • Able to handle yaoi
  • Can translate roughly 20 pages within a week's time
  • Photoshop is not needed although always helpful

Send an email to le-pips[at] if you are interested! Any help would be truly appreciated.

Please share the advert above to any communities or on tumblr to spread the word! Thank you for your continued support!

Hello all,

Today we bring you an exciting new series for Le Pips, Occupation to Beloved by Nakamura Asumiko. We are honoured to work on this project and are truly grateful to Devil Castle for the scans! Unfortunately, we thought that another group was had completed the early chapters so we started on chapter 2.5. Turns out that chapter 2 had never been scanlated but we are bringing you chapter 2.5 since we already finished it; not reading chapter 2 will not affect understanding 2.5 (aside from one reference). Chapter 2 will be out next week.

Occupation to Beloved chapter 2.5 | mediafire

And now for a bit of bad news. We are in dire need of additional translators to keep Le Pips working on a steady basis. If you can devote any time at all, we would truly appreciate it! A separate post will be made about this. But if you can assist, please check out the Recruitment page for details.

See you all next week!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Hallo, all! I am very excited about our releases for this week! The first collection of one-shots are by Nakamura Asumiko and continue her Alice in Wonderland series. The first two involve Alastair from Looks Like A Teaspoon 1, a boy who escapes his painful reality to be Alice in the world of Wonderland. Childhood's End and A is for Alice continues his adventures from a childhood to an adult.

Childhood's End | mediafire
A is for Alice | mediafire

Welcome to Wonderland focuses on Simon, Alastair's classmate from school who used to bully Simon. You can read about Simon's first Wonderland experience from Like A Teaspoon 2. 

Welcome to Wonderland | mediafire

And finally! Kagakushitsu no Ouji chapter 6. Chapter 5 is already translated so we skipped it. Enjoy a new one-shot featuring two college friends who misunderstand each other's intentions. :)

Kagakushitsu no Ouji chapter 6 (end) | mediafire

See you again soon! Thank you for your continued support!