Monday, December 17, 2012

Le Pips Scanlations needs your help!!!! Unfortunately, real life is making it difficult for Ada and I to deliver the amount of chapters we want to on a weekly basis. We are in dire need of Japanese to English translators.

Can you fill these requirements?
  • Fluent in Japanese (must know kanji!)
  • Able to handle yaoi
  • Can translate roughly 20 pages within a week's time
  • Photoshop is not needed although always helpful

Send an email to le-pips[at] if you are interested! Any help would be truly appreciated.

Please share the advert above to any communities or on tumblr to spread the word! Thank you for your continued support!


  1. Wish u good luck with searching, guys.
    20 pages withing a week is kinda tough challenge!

  2. 20 pages may sound daunting, but if you break it up, that's only 3-4 pages a day. ;) That's a piece o' cake. ^^